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real man

December 2010

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Meeting a(nother) Princess.

Nigel had promised to meet Amaya at her house today - and so here he is. Dressed in a hoodie (as he just can't stay warm when he's solid) and a pair of dark, faded jeans, he knocks on her front door.


Amaya opens the door dressed in just a pair of jean shorts and a pink tank top, her hair in a ponytail. Once the door is open and she sees it is Hanan, a bright smile curls her lips and she throws her arms around his neck, hugging him. "Hanan!"
"Good afternoon, Amaya." He'll hug back tightly. "How are you?"
She pulls away, still smiling. "I'm pretty good and yourself?" She noticed the hoodie, remembering he was always cold when he was solid. So, she steps out of the doorway letting him come in. It was a tad bit warmer inside. "Come on in, hun."
"Yes, thank you. I am.. as well as one can expect for a ghost, you know. Is John present?" he asks, coming into the house proper. He'll wait for Amaya to pass by him before following her into the house.
"No, he went out for a bit. Lets go sit down though." And she walks toward the living room and plops onto the couch, folding her legs underneath herself. "Did you want to see John? I can call him if you do, hun."
"I am in no particular rush, Princess." He sits. "...You've hidden Mountain Dew, right?"
"Noooo. Why would I hide Mountain Dew?" She is so lying, Hanan. She has a huge stash hidden.
His lips twitch at the corners. Yeah, right, Amaya. He doesn't believe you one itty bitty bit. "You realize you're speaking to me, yes?"
She sighs. "Yes, I know. I do have some hidden. Did you want one?"
He gave her his best smile. "I haven't had one in a long, long time. It would be nice."
He always did have the most gorgeous smile, which she returns with her best smile. "Okay, handsome. I'll go get you one." And she gets up and soon returns with two cans of Mountain Dew in hand. Sitting back down, she hands him one. "Here you go."
He takes it, wipes the condensation away with his fingers then pops it open. Mmmm. Tasty. "Thank you, Princess. But you know that stuff isn't good for the child. But then, lots of things aren't good for babies, I guess."
Yeah, she figured he probably already knew about the baby. "I know, Hanan. I don't drink it as much as I use to. I think Mountain Dew is the only bad thing that goes into my body, but. . .it taste yummy." She smiles before popping open her can and taking a sip.