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real man

December 2010

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real man

Nigel Hanan is a ghost. He lives in haunted woods, outside of Sennyo's garden, and is a confidant of a bleedin' goddess. (Though he wouldn't dare call her such.)

Still, those screams of anguish give him the creeps - and goosebumps.

His house is still barely framed - but he crawls out of his grave, and Expects guests soon.


':She walks out of the house, holding the girls hands. She wasn't really sure why Cassie wanted her to watch them, but she doesn't mind. She loves them. She was sure it had something to do with the blood curling screams and she noticed the girls were scared. She knew someone, like her that she thought could help calm the girls down. She walked over to where Hanan usually is and sees him waiting. She shows a smile of relief.:' I guess you were waiting, huh?
Sky disengages from Amaya's side, and practically leaps into Hanan's arms. Thankfully he manages to solidify 100% before the girl falls through him.

"Yes, Amaya. Always." He eyes the main house. "Any idea what's going on?"
':She looks back to the house.:' No, I'm not quite sure. Cassie asked me to watch over the girls for a little while, so I thought we would come see you. ':She looks down and smiles at Jessie, then back at Hanan.:' So, I really haven't seen you in awhile. . .how are you?
He cuddles Sky - what can he say, she's the sweetest thing in the world.

"I'm doing well," he says, and then turns slightly so she can better see the shell of his home. "Princess gave me a place to live. Gives me something to do. Jessie's really good at helping me with it." Hanan is really excellent with kids for a guy who died during a time when ignoring children was the thing to do.
':She eyes somewhat of a house. Then she stops. Princess? Who is she? She raises an eyebrow and looks back down at Jessie. Holding her hand a little tighter.:' Maybe we should let the girls play right here by us, that might help them calm down. . .in a way. ':She chuckles at the thought of them playing as being calm.:'
"Casciel." Things had changed in the years she'd been gone. He was bigger now, more real. "It fits her."

"...Have you seen how the girls play? It's dark, and I'm not sure Sennyo wants the fireworks, if he's got company."
No, I haven't seen them much lately. I would really like to be around them more. Since Cassie. . .':She catches herself and rubs her head.:' Yeah, so. . .I know you are probably around them a little more. Is there something we could do with them? A park? ':She winces and grabs at her head again.:' God, this headache.
"Hyou's building them one." The girls are off to the side now, urgently talking amongst themselves. "What about Casciel? Are you alright?"
':She squints her eyes, trying to ignore the headache.:' I. .. meant. . to say since she is busy with Kage. I just didn't want to say it in front of the girls. I'm not. . .too sure. . .anyways what is going on with them. ':She forces a smile.:' I'm fine, I just think I need to sit down. ':She groans, as she has flashes well more like pictures in her head. A sudden image of a man, in his late 30's holding some rope, with a grin on his face. Then another flash of Amaya laying on a floor, tied up.:' Oh. . god.
"Uh, Princess? What's going on?" Uncomfortable ghost is uncomfortable.
':She whimpers as she falls to her knees, grabbing at the ground.:' I don't know! I. . .keep. . seeing things. ':She sees the unknown man again, taking a whip to Amaya. Her hair flashes red, but only for a brief moment. Her eyes open wide, as it all begins to flood back to her. The beatings, the torture. . .all of it. She can't remember his name though. Just everything else, everything. Why did she have to remember it? Why? Tears start rolling down her cheek. Wiping them away, she looks up to Hanan.:' I'm. . .okay.
Hanan was of the opinion that all his friends are off their damn rocker. "I doubt that, Amaya." And he'll glance over at the girls again. "Though we'll have to discuss things when baby-ears aren't listening"
':She stood up, brushing the hair from her face along with more tears. She forces a smile and looks at him.:' No, it's okay. We don't need to talk about it later. I'm fine, just a really bad headache. Just don't mention this to anyone, it was kind of embarrassing that I was crying over a headache. ':She reaches over and wraps her arms around him.:' Thanks for caring about my head though. ':She chuckles a bit.:' It was sweet.
He'll give her a tight squeeze, though he thinks she's full of it. He wasn't born yesterday. Technically, it was generations ago!